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When used in Asian cultures, the elephant is a symbol of good luck, happiness and longevity. Elephants in Christianity can symbolise temperance as well as patience and chastity. Other cultures use the elephant to represent reliability, pride, royalty and dignity, and European cultures evolved to use the elephant as a symbol of military might. What does this elephant artwork make you feel like?

All functions are accessible with this wood case
Stylish, lightweight, ergonomic and naturally durable
The pattern is precisely engraved with laser-cut machine
Hand sanded and finished with vegetable-based oil
Designed by Australian artists
Made from 100% Cherry wood
Black velvet
Single-use 3M Adhesive
iPhone 7
Height: 16.8cm
Width: 7.5cm
Depth: 1.1cm
Weight: 40g
iPhone 7 Plus
Height: 16.8cm
Width: 7.5cm
Depth: 1.1cm
Weight: 40g
The real cherry wood used in this phone case may be damaged by drops or other impacts. If a iPhone wood case that may break is not for you, please consider a rubber or plastic case.
This product is made from natural materials, and you can expect a variation in color and wood grain.
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