• “Bought a wood cover with Mandala pattern signifying universe.Unique one!
    Thanks to Wood Case Australia!”


  • “Love my Koi Fish iphone case! Looks awesome day after day!”


  • “100% Love it! Awesome Case. Strong protection for everyday use.
    Slim fit case feels really nice in the hands."

    John Doe

  • The best part is the engrave art at the back. The design is really well done.” 


  • “Love my Aztec Calendar case! So cool and perfect for my iphone 6!”


  • “Hi there, just received my iPhone case and it is beautiful! Thanks for make such a beautiful piece of artwork! Love it!”


  • Just received the case and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I've been looking for a beautiful wooden case. This is the right one for me. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work! 

    Sophia Gramp

  • "Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my new wood case. The wood looks amazing and the cut fit perfectly!"

    Jesse Green

  • I love this mandala. Wonderfully made and so detailed!! I gave it as a gift to my girlfriend and she LOVES it! Thank you!

    Pheobe Dale